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So you want to get your feet wet? But you are to save your camcorder? Is it possible to make a film underwater? Definitely it is!!... With the fast growing advanced technology, you can make dreams a reality! You can make a photo shot underwater and even models have the highest paid making their best pose possible. You want to start shooting underwater video to entertain your friends and associates, enter film festivals and competitions or simply to extend the diversity of your shooting skills.

The basics are all the same, steady shot, watch your composition, check your white balance, and adjust the lighting, but all the things we take for granted topside are major obstacles to shooting underwater. What you easily accomplish on land is thrice as inconvenient and difficult down below.
Creating an underwater film is no different than writing a story or filming a sitcom for T.V. Each story must have a beginning, middle and end. When watching a movie in the theater we would get considerably bored if every character did the same thing over and over again, or repeated their dialogue incessantly. The metaphor here is that, when shooting underwater creatures, it is necessary to film from a variety of perspectives.

Now diving under FUW.com or “Film Under Water” is the best site that show you how to get started. It will help you avoid the usual beginner’s mistakes while diving with your underwater video camera. Compared with underwater stills photography filming underwater video is a breeze. On your very first dive with a camcorder you will get results. However, good video is not just about just recording an image, it is about making a watchable program.